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Air Quality Monitoring Solutions

  • Ambient/ Outdoor & Indoor

    • Aeroqual designs and delivers integrated, real-time air quality monitoring systems for various sectors and applications. Their products include outdoor, indoor, and ozone air monitors, as well as software and services for air quality monitoring. Aeroqual’s mission is to make air quality measurement and analysis simple and easy, freeing up their customers to make the decisions that matter.

    • AMA Instruments has been developing and manufacturing online gas chromatographs for trace level analysis of air toxics for over 45 years. They supply advanced analytical instruments for air quality monitoring, serving scientists in getting a better understanding of the effects of organic pollutants in the air we breathe and supporting environmental protection authorities worldwide in observing and controlling emissions of organic air toxics.

    • Cooper Environmental provides comprehensive solutions for environmental monitoring and testing. They specialize in continuous metals monitoring and offer a range of products for ambient air, stack emissions, and water. Their Xact® monitoring products are world-renowned for their accuracy and reliability.

    • PALAS is a leading developer and manufacturer of aerosol technology for various applications, such as environment, industry and science. It offers devices and systems for measuring fine dust, environmental and aerosol particles, as well as filter test rigs and spectrometers.

    • Thermo Scientific is a leading manufacturer of air quality monitoring instruments. Their product offerings include ambient gas analyzers, ambient particulate monitors, and source gas analyzers. They also offer stack monitoring systems for opacity and other applications, which can be supplied with all necessary calibration capabilities and equipment.
  • Ambient/ Outdoor & Source/ Emissions

    • Lufft produces automatic weather stations, weather sensors, road sensors, ceilometers, snow depth sensors, visibility, precipitation detection and other environmental measurement equipment. They are known for their precision workmanship and intelligent meteorological sensor technology, which has paved the way for strategic measuring networks along roads and railways, and at airports all over the world.

    • Perma Pure LCC is a leading manufacturer of gas conditioning products, including dryers, humidifiers, filters, coalescers, specialty scrubbers, and complete sampling systems. They market these products worldwide for medical, industrial, and scientific applications.

    • Shelter One is a custom equipment shelter manufacturer that has been in business for over 20 years. They offer custom-built shelters for various applications, including air quality monitoring, CEMs, radio communications, and industrial use. Each of their shelters is tailored to the exact specifications of their customers using the most current construction methods in their fabrication process.

    • Thermo Scientific provides integrated systems for ambient and stack monitoring, which include gas analyzers, particulate monitors, meteorological sensors, calibration equipment, and data acquisition software. These systems are customized to meet the specific needs of each application. Thermo gas analyzers use various technologies such as chemiluminescence, UV photometry, FTIR, and NDIR to measure criteria pollutants, toxic gases, and greenhouse gases. The iQ Series of gas analyzers are designed to be smart, reliable, and user-friendly.

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