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  • Protection and Control

    • Beckwith Electric specializes in providing innovative and high-quality products, technical services, and solutions that meet the customer needs involved in producing, transmitting, and distributing electric power. Beckwith Electric has a reputation for cutting-edge technology and has thousands of protection and control units worldwide. The company’s products include smart distribution automation controls for transformers, regulators, and capacitor banks and power systems protection solutions such as generators, transformers, feeders, reclosers, and distributed energy resources. Beckwith Electric is also the leading provider of innovative solutions for Smart Grid Volt/VAr Optimization and Conservation Voltage Reduction.

    • RFL Electronics specializes in providing a range of communications and relaying products, application support, and customized systems to the electric utilities, oil and gas, railroad, transportation, government, and engineering consulting industries. RFL Electronics offers power line carrier coupling equipment and accessories, fiber service units, discontinued products, and more. The company’s products are designed to monitor and protect power grids, rail, and highway systems.