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Electrical protection and control

CD Nova’s power systems protection and control suppliers include¬†:


For over 75 years RFL has been dedicating its resources to providing product and services focused on customer needs for Communications. Product areas include :

  • Intelligent Multiplexers with Teleprotection.
  • Powerline Carrier (Analog/Digital)
  • Control and Telemetry Systems
  • Teleprotection, Relaying
  • Power Utility Hardened Systems

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Seamless Integrated Communications for Power Automation Systems

Power utilities require to offer uninterrupted and reliable electric power to the public under harsh environmental conditions. Telvent ruggedized Ethernet Networks meets these requirements of EMI/RFT and extreme temperature variations. IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 Standards for Ethernet Connectivity.

Ethernet switches, servers, modbus gateways, wireless products, media converters.

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Advanced Power Technologies

Transformer Temperature Controller TTC-1000

An affordable three probe transformer temperature controller that has built-in calculated winding temperature for one, two or three winding transformers, Tap position monitoring, LTC conditioning monitoring, DNP or MODBUS RTU communications on fiber and metallic, true three phase fan/pump motor monitoring, up to 14 digital inputs and data logging.

Time & Temperature Controller

Single or dual probe ambient temperature controller for automatically changing relay setting groups based on temperature, substation capacitor bank control and ventilation applications.

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Positron engineers and manufactures high voltage isolation products to protect telecommunications circuits entering substations, power generating plants, cellular phone towers, and any high voltage area that is susceptible to the effects of Ground Potential Rise (GPR).

In the last 35 years, Positron has been the market leader in providing high quality, reliable wireline isolation equipment that meets the highest industry standards. Worldwide, there are more Positron isolator circuits deployed than any other vendor.

CD NOVA customers include all of the major power generation and transmission utilities in Canada.

* Western Canada only

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Beckwith Electric

Beckwith Electric* has a long tradition of innovative solutions built into their products. Beckwith engineers have participated in IEEE committees for decades; having exercised a huge influence on the standards now used industry wide:

  • Generator Protection used in approximately 25% of the generator protection schemes in North America.
  • Transformer Protection.
  • Tapchanger Controls, incorporating parallel operations using circulating current, and Delta VAR technologies.
  • Motor Bus transfer technologies have been improved with digital controls, leading to a massive growth in the deployment of this technology.

* Eastern Canada only

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