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Emissions monitoring

CD Nova’s emissions monitoring manufacturers include :

Thermo Fisher

Thermo Scientific is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of air quality monitoring analyzers and systems.

Air Quality Instruments are used for environmental compliance and process monitoring. Over the years, our product offering has expanded from individual gaseous criteria pollutant analyzers to encompass a broad range of particulate monitors, toxic gas sensors, VOC analyzers and completely integrated ambient and stack monitoring systems.

Thermo Scientific ambient air quality product offerings:

  • Ambient Gas Analyzers
  • Ambient Particulate Monitors (R & P)
  • Source Gas Analyzers

Source level (stack) monitors are available for the following applications as well:

  • Opacity

The above stack systems can be provided with all necessary sample extraction or dilution equipment and gas conditioning equipment. Systems can also be supplied with all necessary calibration capabilities.

Please select the CD Nova’s representative for emissions monitoring products for more information.

Alberta Jim Shorey
Technical Sales
British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba Allan Fleming
Vice President of Sales
Ontario Phil Freitas
Technical Sales
Quebec Fadi Chouha
Directeur des Ventes
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI, Newfoundland Zach Eastman
Technical Sales