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CD Nova’s indoor/outdoor air quality monitoring manufacturers include :


Thermo Scientific is the world’s largest and leading manufacturer of air quality monitoring analyzers and systems.

Air Quality Instruments are used for environmental compliance and process monitoring.  Over the years, our product offering has expanded from individual gaseous criteria pollutant analyzers to encompass a broad range of particulate monitors, toxic gas sensors, VOC analyzers and completely integrated ambient and stack monitoring systems.

Thermo Scientific ambient air quality product offerings:

  • Ambient Gas Analyzers
  • Ambient Particulate Monitors
  • Source Gas Analyzers

Source level (stack) monitors are available for the following applications as well:

  • Opacity

The stack systems can be provided with all necessary sample extraction or dilution equipment and gas conditioning equipment. Systems can also be supplied with all necessary calibration capabilities.

Examples of Thermo Scientific Products:

Gas Analyzers

Get 24/7 access to your analyzer’s information with the Thermo Scientific™ iQ Series Gas Analyzer. The iQ Series Gas Analyzers are engineered to get smarter over time and help minimize troubleshooting time with a highly precise, yet tough solution. The Thermo Scientific™ 49iQ Ozone Analyzer provides the same level of ozone monitoring when measuring the amount of ozone in ambient air using dual-cell, UV photometric technology 



Ambient Particulate Monitors

Combine the precision of light-scattering nephelometry with the accuracy of beta attenuation technology with the Thermo Scientific™ Model 5030i SHARP (Synchronized Hybrid Ambient Real-time) particulate monitor. This automated, continuous, non-step wise, ambient particulate monitor measures PM-10 and PM-2.5 and is built on the proven iSeries design platform.




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OTT Hydromet manufactures intelligent meteorology sensors with UMB digital interface.  OTT Hydromet’s WS family of compact weather stations meet EPA guidelines and feature electronic compass correction.

Examples of OTT Hydromet Products

Radar Precipitation Sensors

The Lufft WS100 is a rain sensor with radar technology and adjustable heating. Using a 24-GHz Doppler radar, it measures the speed of all forms of condensed water. These include rain, freezing rain, hail, snow and sleet. The low-energy sensor detects precipitation from the first drop. Its possible uses are nearly unlimited.



Compact Weather Sensors

The All-in-One Weather Sensor WS10 covers 10 parameters simultaneously. It‘s particularly suitable for building automation and solar rooftops. The data transfer takes place via Wi-Fi or RS485.




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Perma Pure LLC is a leader/manufacturer of gas conditioning products and systems. These products include dryers, humidifiers, filters coalescers and specialty scrubbers.

Typical industrial uses include gas sample conditioning for both environmental compliance and process monitoring which will convert hot, wet, dirty sample gases into cool, dry and clean samples suitable for today’s analytical systems.

Systems utilize the unique properties of Nafion, which was developed by DuPont and is now manufactured under license solely by Perma Pure LLC.


  •  MD-Series Nafion Gas Dryer
  •  Heated MD-Series Drye
  •  PD-Series Nafion Gas Dryer
  •  ME-Series Moisture Exchanger
  •  DM-Series Desiccant Membrane
  •  HD-Series Heatless Air Dryer (PSA)


  • FC-Series Humidifier (Old PH-Series)
  • MH-Series Water to Gas Humidifer

Sample Conditioning Systems

  •  Ambi-GASS
  •  GASS-II
  •  GASS Module
  •  Micro-GASS
  •  Mini-GASS
  •  Zero-Air Generator

Filters and Scrubbers

  •  Ammonia Scrubber
  •  Filters, Particulate & Coalescing
  •  Filters, Inertial & Bypass
  •  Eductors/Aspirators
  •  Nafion Tubing

Examples of Perma Pure Products

Gas Sample Dryers

Perma Pure offers Nafion™ tubing -based tube and shell style dryers (requiring a dry counterflow gas) and dryers open to atmosphere for a wide range of flow rates up to 40 lpm.   





Gas Humidifiers


Where applications require a gas stream to be humidified. Perma Pure’s  Nafion™ tubing -based Gas humidifiers are the ideal method using either gas or water to provide the humidification.






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Cooper Environmental has been the recognized leader in continuous metals monitoring for more than 10 years. Their core technology has been incorporated into monitors for measuring ambient air, stack gases and now water

Examples of Cooper Environmental Products

Ambient Continuous Multi-Metals Monitors

Xact® 625i is designed for high time resolution multi-metals monitoring of ambient air, with detection limits that rival those of laboratory analysis. The Xact® 625i comes standard with a solid-state meteorological sensor and Cooper Environmental’s proprietary ADAPT analysis package, making the instrument one of the most powerful air pollution source detection offerings in the industry.




Multi-Metals Continuous Water Analyzer

The Xact® 920 system uses reel-to-reel filter tape sampling and nondestructive X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analysis to monitor aqueous samples for user-selected metals. A measured amount of unknown sample is blended with a known
amount of internal standard which is continuously nebulized, evaporated, and collected onto the filter tape. The liquid sample is aerosolized facilitating the removal of water and allowed metal salts to be concentrated on the filter tape. This method of pre-concentration allows detection limits in the low parts per billion (ppb) ranges for elements ranging from potassium to uranium.





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Aerosol spectrometers, Aerosol/Particle generators for solids/liquids, Nano particle measurement systems, fine dust monitors, dilution systems and more…

Examples of Palas Products:

Aerosol Spectrometers

Promo® 3000 – The Promo is a light scattered aerosol spectrometer system for particle size analysis and concentration determination that can be equipped with welas sensors. 




Dilution Systems

LDD 10 – Dilution system for large droplets up to 10 μm. The Dilution of large droplets is particularly important when measuring highly concentrated droplet aerosols.




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