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Process measurement

CD Nova’s process measurement manufacturers include :


Liquid Level Monitoring


  • LA Series Resistance-tape sensors
  • Water/Wastewater Level Gauge
  • Petroleum Level Gauge
  • Chemical Level Gauge
  • Level Sensor/Pump Controller Package
  • Ultrasonic Level Sensors
  • Pressure Transmitters
  • Instrumentation and displays

Consilium has proven its versatility in the environmental market, gauging water and wastewater. The unique sensor has been pipe-mounted in ponds and streams, and channel-mounted in raw sewage and slurries. Consilium has provided successful gauging for many major industrial applications, as well, including airport fuel handling, chemical and pharmaceutical tank monitoring, and petroleum gauging in the oil patch, along pipelines, and at petrochemical plants and storage depots.

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SureSite Magnetic Visual Liquid Level Indicators

For easy to view liquid level indication that is both accurate and nearly indestructible, nothing beats SureSite Indicators. They are already used in applications within every market segment where quick visual communication of tank contents is paramount. SureSite Indicators operate without power, in temperatures to 750 degrees C and in pressures to 4200 psi (290 bar); they are unaffected by extreme thermal changes.

It’s obvious that SureSite Indicators offer a safer and more efficient alternative to cloudy, hard to read sight glasses. They also have advantages over many other gauging technologies because SureSite Indicators are unaffected by tank shape, condensating atmospheres, foam, stratification of vapors, high temperatures or flux, and don’t require continual calibration.

SureSite Indicators feature brilliantly colored flags that provide clearly visible indication at distances greater than 100 feet. Intrinsically safe because they operate without electricity, SureSite Indicators are easily mounted to the exterior of tanks, regardless of shape or size.

Industrial Sensor Products:

  • Current Transducers, AC/DC
  • Current Operated Switches
  • Power Transducers
  • Ground Fault Detection
  • Power Consumption Monitoring


  • Level Switches Designed for High, Low or Intermediate point liquid level sensing, GEMS switches are available with a variety of sensing technologies to serve a broad range of applications. Float types; Conductivity types; Electro-Optic types, Fiber Optic types and Ultrasonic types.
  • Flow Switches Protect expensive equipment, actuate alarms, indicators, etc. when flow rate is improper. GEMS flow switches measure “true” liquid flow; they are unaffected by pressure fluctuation, and are shock- and vibration-resistant. Piston type; Shuttle type; RotorFlow Electronic type and Paddle type.

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NK Tech

Now NK Technologies offers you better solutions to monitor and control motors, heaters and other electrically powered loads. Our current, voltage and power sensors give you that critical feedback with all the speed, simplicity and dependability you want and need. Based on the premise that, “By measuring the power input to your load, you gain clear insight into actual equipment performance”

These solutions are:

  • Faster…because you see load changes immediately. With this knowledge, you can prevent equipment failure and avert process disruption.
  • Easier…because you simply snap a sensor over a wire. No need to bolt or weld complex brackets, valve manifolds or pipe taps.
  • More reliable…because solid state sensors are tougher than electromechanical devices.
  • Economical…because costs are reduced through quick, easy installation and long-term dependability.

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Before you can control electricity, you have to measure it.

Whether you are a utility generating and distributing electricity, or an industrial plant or commercial facility trying to manage and conserve it, optimization of your processes depends heavily on accurate power measurement. MTech products cover virtually every electrical variable, and virtually any I/O combination. There are DIN cases for high-density mounting, as well as the traditional, surface mounting, metal enclosures. All units are built in ISO 9001 registered facilities to exacting international standards such as UL, ULC, CSA, CE, and IEEE.

Transducers are available in a range of models within each of the following categories: AC current; AC voltage; watts; VAR; Q; VA; watt/VAR/Q-Hour; frequency; power factor; RTD/slideware; DC voltage ground fault detection; and linepost sensing. There is even a portable system for testing transducers.

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Weed Instrument
(In BC, AB, SK, MB, YK, NWT only)

  • Temperature measurement (RTD’s, TC. Thermowells)
  • Temperature transmitters

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