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Moxa ioThinx 4510

Are You Looking to Connect I/O Sensors and Devices to an IT/OT Network?

With the growing number of field I/O sensors/devices being connected to the industrial IoT (Internet of Things), the need to keep your equipment running smoothly can be challenging. The ioThinx 4510 makes it simple with an easy deployment web console and supports multiple IT/OT protocols including Modbus, SNMP, RESTful API, and MQTT.

ioThinx 4510 Features and Benefits

  • Easy deployment with an intuitive web configuration tool.
  • Supports IT/OT protocols with Modbus TCP, SNMP, RESTful API, and MQTT for converting field I/O data to SCADA/PLC/HMI or even to the cloud.
  • Secure cloud connectivity supports MQTT protocols that can be set up with a few simple steps for Industrial IoT connectivity.

Request a quote: or call your local CD Nova office. Toll free 1-800-663-0615.

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